We Are Seeking a Local Friends Group

Formation Consultant/Coach


The Friends of Colorado State Parks is seeking a professional consultant in-tune with the formation needs of nonprofits, who also understands board governance and best nonprofit management practices including the technical needs (submitting paperwork) and the socio-emotional elements (group cohesion) necessary for successful start-up. Familiarity with State Parks, Friends groups (or advocacy groups), is ideal but not 100% necessary.  The consultant/coach should have an expertise in project management and inspire groups to focus on specific campaign(s) and seeing them through in a timely matter.

Proposals Due: Thursday, August 31st, 2017 via email ~ info@friendsofcoloradostateparks.org

Proposals Should Include: 1) An introduction to your company and/or your expertise as a consultant, 2) how you plan to complete the work as outlined below, and 3) what concerns or questions you have about getting started with such a project (we are willing to think critically about this project as it is a new scope for us to explore)

Budget: Please note that this is a grant-funded project (we've received $7500 for this scope) and we must stay within that budget

Contract Window: Work will need to take place from September 15th - February 15th (with likely some 'lull 'late November - early January).  Please recognize that due to the coaching concept of this contract, work will be spread throughout the window and can't happen all at once.

What the consultant/coach would do:

- Make three coaching phone calls to affiliate Friends group leaders (individual and/or small groups) during the contract window; these groups are actively in the incubation/start-up phase (four groups)

- Make two coaching phone calls during the contract window to affiliate Friends groups that are up and running and high functioning, to check in about progress, needs and success stories (two groups)

- During contact window, hold one statewide webinar conference/training for all groups on best practices in key areas, including time for open Q & A and other discussions, (~2 hours/session)

- Communicate regularly between calls via email with affiliate groups, and liaison with the statewide CSP Friends board about needs and outcomes (consistency and clarity are key)

- Take on projects with CSP Friends that will build the organization's capacities beyond this scope of work and help see affiliate groups advance in their formation, such as sample by-laws, project management tools, website enhancement, resource guides, funding tool kits etc.


Time and Resource Needs

- Contract runs for five months with some anticipated in lulls in progress due to winter schedules and holidays

- To save on travel time, much of this work should be done over the phone or in a virtual platform

- Each coaching phone call will take approximately one hour in addition to about 30 minutes of write-up and follow-up. If we have four incubator groups (18 hours total) and two up and running groups (6 hours total), the total coaching time for the contract will be about 30 hours, with an additional 20 hours needed for communicating, following up and project management between sessions with affiliate groups and CSP Friends, (~ 50 hours)

-  The training should take two hours, in addition to prep and follow-up (15 hours)

- Additional projects with the statewide Friends group and affiliates to ensure things are getting done would be another 25 hours during the contract

We are estimating about 100 hours for this project, and need to find a consultant that is willing to offer their expertise at a competitive rate for nonprofit/community-based work.



- A clear and simple tracking tool of each group's progress, both narrative but also abbreviated and interactive

- Measurable progress by each group as documents are filed, leadership positions are filled and formed, and/or successful fundraising or awareness campaigns are implemented

- Positive feedback from the coaching process coming from both CSP Friends board members and affiliate leaders

- Completed 'Specialized Project,' (sample by-laws, project management tools, website enhancement, resource guides, funding toolkits etc.)