Action Alert!  Support CPW for Generations!

In 2017, the Colorado General Assembly voted against HB17-1321

HB17-1321 was CPW's Financial Sustainability Bill, allowing CPW to keep up with the times by updating park infrastructure, protecting wildlife, and increasing the joy of your experience at state parks and wildlife areas.  We did everything we could to support CPW this year.

While HB17-1321 did not pass this year, we are looking ahead to the 2018 legislative session, here is a look at what we did in 2017 to now help us prepare for next year.

Get Educated

Educate yourself on this bill.  Check-out this op-ed that further explains the importance of HB17-1321 and read this fact sheet about the bill or CPW's web page on HB17-1321 to see how far and wide this will support CPW and allow our state parks, lakes, and wildlife areas to thrive!

Contact Your Rep

Contact YOUR Representative by phone or email to voice your support for CPW's Financial Sustainability Bill, HB17-1321.  Find your legislator here. And here are some talking points that will be helpful for letters, emails, and phone calls, in addition to a sample letter from one of our Board Members.

Share Your Advocacy

Share actions 1 and 2 with your friends, family and community.  Inspire others to take action today! Facebook is a great way to connect with others and share these easy-to-use links.

Show Your Gratitude

Thank the bipartisan group of House sponsors of HB17-1321 (Arndt, Wilson, McLachlan, Catlin, and Rankin); find their contact info here and send them a thank you note today!

This Week's Action: Reach Out to Senate Reps

Please focus this week's efforts on calling and/or e-mailing the five members of the Senate Finance Committee:,,,, e-mails to each would be best, as they'll be receiving lots of form e-mails from a few web campaigns against the bill. 

Key Talking Points

1. Tate, Kagan, and Court's districts all include or are next to Cherry Creek State Park, so mention the need for ANS funding there.  2. Owen Hill is from El Paso County, so talk up the Gazette's support and that Colorado Springs youth championed an amendment in the House that allows for free fishing until 18.  3. Additionally, another amendment caps most fee increases to 25% before 2020 - which likely means $1 increases in park fees and minor increases to hunting licenses. 4. Sportsmen and sportswomen support this bill along with the Farm Bureau, Colorado Cattlemen's Association, Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI), Club 20, and dozens of conservation, wildlife, and parks groups. 5. Here are some talking points that will also be helpful for letters, emails, and phone calls, in addition to a sample letter from one of our Board Members.