Support CPW's 'Future Generations Act'

Introduced in Colorado's 2018 Legislative Session

Today, we need YOU to reach out to all of the members of Senate Finance (e-mail addresses and phone numbers below), especially Senator Smallwood, as Roxborough and Castlewood Canyon State Park are in his district, and Chatfield is nearby.  Additionally, Cherry Creek State Park is in Senator Tate's district. Let them know that you care about this bill because it is important to ensure that we can maintain our parks.  A $1 increase now and again is a small price to pay for open campgrounds, maintained trails, and clean toilets in the stunning places we LOVE! 

Sen. Jim Smallwood:, 303-866-4869

Sen. Jack Tate:, 303-866-4883

Sen. Tim Neville:, 303-866-4873

Sen. Lois Court:, 303-866-4861

Sen. Cheri Jahn:, 303-866-4856

Legislative Watch: What's up next for this bill?

The bill is heading to the Senate Finance Committee ... Come testify on the bill next Tuesday afternoon (February 13th) in Room 357 at the Capitol.  This bill is number six on the calendar that day, so testimony will likely start at 4 pm at the earliest.  Speak out loud for the places you love!

What is this bill and why is it important?

Senate Bill 18-143, or the Hunting, Fishing, and Parks for Future Generations Act- for short-'Future Generations Act' was introduced Jan 29th by Sen. Don Coram of Montrose (R)Rep. Jim Wilson of Salida (R)Sen. Stephen Fenberg of Boulder (D) and Rep. Jeni Arndt of Fort Collins (D)

This bill addresses CPW's long term solution for funding to continue many of its underfunded or previously cut programs and ways to stay relevant that are vital to natural resource management in Colorado. 

10 goals outlined in the bill to be accomplished by 2025:

  1. Grow the number of hunters and anglers in Colorado through investments in programs such as hunter education, Fishing is Fun, and the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex, and grants for shooting ranges in all regions of the state. 
  2. Expand access for hunters, anglers and outdoor recreationists by renewing existing high-priority leases and supporting additional public access programs on public and private lands. 
  3. Increase and improve big game populations through investments in habitat and conservation, including building more highway wildlife crossings to protect wildlife and motorists. 
  4.  Partnering with private landowners to improve wildlife health and sustainability, and ensure landscape connectivity to benefit agricultural production and habitat for all.
  5. Increase the number of fish stocked in Colorado waters to above 90 million through hatchery modernization and renovations. 
  6. Identify and begin planning the development of Colorado’s next state park. 
  7. Reduce risks to life and property and sustain water-based recreation opportunities by reducing CPW’s dam maintenance and repair backlog by 50 percent. 
  8. Engage all outdoor recreationists, such as hikers, bikers, and wildlife watchers, in the maintenance of state lands and facilities and the management of wildlife. 
  9. Recruiting and retaining qualified employees to manage wildlife, park, recreational and aquatic resources. 
  10. Provide quality infrastructure at CPW properties by completing much needed construction and maintenance.

Read the full text here and learn more about its status here

How else can I take action?

  1. Tell your local Representative and Senator how important this bill is to you. Share your experiences and why this bill should pass. 
    1. Write, call, email, message/tag on social media these individuals
    2. Find all contact information and affiliations here
  2. Stay educated! This page will be up to date throughout the 2018 Session
  3. Inform others! Share this information with your circle. 
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Write, call, email, message/tag on social media your Colorado Representatives and Senators on why this bill should pass!