Our 5th Annual Statewide Rendezvous ~ Featured Resources

Thanks to everyone who joined us this year in Breckenridge. It was a great Partners Conference and the Friends Rendezvous was a perfect way to kick things off! We enjoyed seeing representatives from ten local groups and talking about challenges and successes as we examined “Cornerstone Projects,” which taught us how to:

  • How to prioritize and find a focus point for our individual groups

  • Dissolve projects that don’t align with our ‘why’

  • Discover successful engagement with our Park Management

  • Create ‘sticky’ fundraising initiatives

  • Make decisions as an Essentialist

Interested in more? See the full “Cornerstone Projects” presentation here.

Additional Resources Shared: Board Development and Funding

Looking to strengthen your board’s capacity? Get resources for professional development, grants, and nonprofit best practices? Look no further, it’s all here!

The Colorado Nonprofit Association:

Community Resource Center: Colorado Collaborative for Nonprofits

The Board Doctor:


National Environmental Education Fund:

And see the summarized highlights from 2018!

How Leave No Trace Can Work in Your Park

With the announcement that the Colorado Tourism Office is partnering with Leave No Trace for some new statewide campaigns, we've also seen local state parks like Roxborough join the Leave No Trace initiative as well. This is an example of key stewardship ethic and educational outreach that a local Friends group could focus some projects on in 2019. 


There is a wealth of information available out there on volunteer management and training, nonprofit organization development, support, and governance, and fund development and finance. We have concentrated on providing information about Colorado organizations that can support you, along with a few national groups. These resource pages aren't conclusive, but we hope they're a nice start!

Our downloadable PDF is a compilation of online resources we research and update that will likely have pertinent information for building your local Friends group. Select a topic in the resource guide that most fits your needs and link directly to that section.  If you still have a question, need more, or want to send along a resource, please email us.

Recently Featured Resources:

- Grant Writing Tips from NEEF and Community Centric-Fundraising from Gunnison Community Resource Center

- Communicate effectively … utilize The Language of Conservation! How you say it makes a difference … learn what resonates with the public!

- The Colorado Parks Foundation Spring Grant Cycle: read the welcome letter here and review the grant guidelines here ... and then apply for the grant (it's easy compared to many grants)!

- A Sample of a recent Annual Report from the Friends of Colorado State Parks

- "Strategic Planning" by the Community Resource Center.

Other Resource Topics You Can Find in the Downloadable Guide Include: 

  • Nonprofit and Organizational Development

  • Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Management

  • Trails and Conservation Advocacy and Training

  • Marketing and Public Relations

  • Funding

  • Legal

  • Operations

  • Networking